Tree Hugger Collection Roadmap

The reality and thoughts about it

Trees germinate, grow, become huge and bind vast amounts of greenhouse gases such as CO2. After a long life, the trees will return to earth. As a result, more light comes back onto the forest floor in their place, nutrients are released - new growth is possible. Nature is used to it. And the cycle begins again: Back to the start and start over.

But large-scale deforestation breaks this natural cycle. The greenhouse gases bound by the trees are released and the habitats created around the trees are destroyed - the animals, insects and plants living in harmony with the trees - some endemic - are lost forever.

The desire to change something

Sensitized through my work as a board member at a non-governmental (NGO) nature conservation organization, I had long been thinking about how I can do my part in global nature and climate protection with the greatest possible impact. It was also important to me to inspire other people and to take them with me on this mission.

Think big

As an individual you can also achieve a lot. And so the goal was quickly found: to protect trees forever! Trees4Eternity was born!

At the same time, I was concerned with blockchain technology and its possibilities and opportunities. In particular, I identified the non-fungible tokens (NFT) as a suitable technology for my project and the brainstorming began.

For me, the attraction of using this digital, future-oriented technology as a platform is the controversial discussion about energy consumption, security and benefits and even hype. For me, this is the ideal approach to create a meaningful and sustainable use case for this technology - to link something digital with real, physically existing value.

From the idea to the climate-protecting NFT

Tree Hugger Collection InfographicAnd so the idea was born and work on the world's first NFT collection that protects the global climate began.

The best ideas come to me while running and the final pieces of the project's puzzle came together during my successful Elbe Bridge Run on October 17, 2021. It was a half marathon (distance 21.1 kilometers) and so I finally decided to create 21 NFTs in the first collection, each connected to a protected piece of land.

The criteria for the selection of the protection project were the highest possible CO2 binding mass and that the forest areas are legally protected for eternity by a reputable NGO. So the choice fell on wooded areas in British Columbia. In Canada, there is also intensive forestry, which has increased again due to the current raw material crisis. There is an acute need to protect forests from deforestation.

Roadmap: Tree Hugger Collection

Phase 1 ✅

21. Sep. 2021: Launch of the Trees4Eternity website and fine-tuning of the NFT project

Phase 2 ✅

  • Design of the 21 graphics for the 21 NFTs
  • Selection of the protection project and protection of 21 land areas by sponsorship.
  • 21. Dec. 2021: Minting of the first 14 Tree Hugger Collection NFTs ("Seeder" rank) on the Etherium Blockchain in OpenSea1
  • Marketing preparations

Phase 3 ✅

  • from April 2022: Promotion and sales of the Tree Hugger NFT Collection
  • 13. July 2022: Minting of the other 7 Tree Hugger NFTs ("Seeder" ranked) on the Polygon Blockchain in OpenSea

Phase 4

🌱 Seed NFTs - since March 2023 ✅

  • As in real nature, the trees produce and drop seeds every 9 to 15 months. Each Seed NFT is already connected to 2 sqm of real forest. 
  • Seeds are growing into true NFT trees ⇒ Collect seven seeds and exchange them for a real Tree NFT. 
  • More Information

🌳 New Tree NFTs

🌲 New exclusive Tree Hugger NFTs will be minted once all Tree NFTs are sold 🌳

  • Is starting after the 21 Tree NFTs of Tree Hugger Collection #1 are fully sold.
  • 42% of proceeds will be reinvested in new forest protection if the entire collection #1 is completely sold!2
  • 70% of each royalty fee is reinvested in the protection of new forest as well!
  • Minting of new Tree NFTs
    New exclusive "Multiplier" ranked NFTs will be created and linked to the new protected land areas1

Phase 5

At the end of each collection year:3

  • 70%4 of the royalty fee incurred when trading Tree Hugger Collection NFTs on the secondary market is reinvested in the protection of new forests1.
  • Protection of new forest areas and minting of new Tree Hugger NFT
    New unique climate protection "Royalty" ranked NFTs will be created and linked to the new protection land areas5.
  • This sustainably expands nature and climate protection and at the same time proves that the funds are used for forest protection.

Phase 6

Building the exclusive "Tree Hugger" community.
The NFTs serve as an access ticket to the group and let you participate in community activities, special airdrops and more. By long-term hodlning of Tree Hugger NFTs, "Tree Seeds" can be collected, which in turn can be burned into new Forest Protection NFTs. Information will follow soon.

Trees4Eternity Proceeds splitting

1 Each "Seeder" ranked NFT is connected to a unique 32 m2 piece of land that is forever protected by sponsorship and binds 3.35 t of CO2. The blockchain technology proves the existence of the NFT and the connection to the country protected by sponsorship - geo-coordinates and sponsorship certificate are stored in the unlockable content of the NFT and are visible to the owner.
2 42% of proceeds will be invested in new forest protection. See graphic for proceeds splitting.
3 Collection creation date
4 Trees4Eternity reserves the right to adjust this percentage for certain reasons (e.g. increase in ongoing operating and infrastructure costs)
5 The size of the protected areas of the NFTs classified as "Royalty" depends on the total amount of royalties generated on the secondary market at the end of the year.