Infographic - From the idea to the nature and climate protection project!

πŸ’‘ Protect trees with the world's first climate-protecting NFT Collection! πŸ’«

During the successfully completed 21 kilometers of the Elbe Bridge Half-Marathon πŸƒ in Dresden in 2021, the idea became the first Trees4Eternity project:

Tree Hugger Collection Infographic

  • 21 forest sponsorships πŸ”– were concluded that
  • protect 672 square meters of jungle 🌲 and
  • bind 🌫 70.4 tons of CO2
  • 21 unique Pop Art NFTs πŸŽ†
  • were minted since December 21, 2021 and
  • each is πŸ”— linked to a sponsorship over 32 square meters of forest.
  • 42% of proceeds of the NFTs are reinvested in new forest protection after the entire collection has been sold πŸš€