With Trees4Eternity I want to help mitigate the climate change and make an important contribution to global climate and nature conservation. In my opinion, this only works by protecting existing (primeval) forests, which I have therefore carefully selected. 🧐 Every square meter of the protected area represents a complex ecosystem with a diverse and partly endemic flora and fauna. The immense amount of 104.79 kg of carbon is bound in every single square meter!

Bringing blockchain technology and climate protection into a symbiosis is my intention. And the successful result is the linking of a digital object = the Tree Hugger NFT, with a concrete physical protection project = the 32 square meter protection area. Each of the 32 square meter protection areas is linked to one of the NFTs and binds as much carbon as a return flight ✈️ from Berlin to New York causes = 3,353 tons of carbon.

The brilliant idea finally came to me during a half marathon run in the fall of 2021. Even as I was developing the roadmap, I was already investing savings to protect 21 natural areas in British Columbia's coastal rainforest in Canada (21 in homage to the 21 half marathon kilometers the idea was born (21 in homage to the 21 half marathon kilometers that the idea was born 😏)


The 32 square meter areas are protected forever by an NGO by means of a land register entry. To do this, I designed 21 very individual NFTs, assigned one of the protected properties to each of them and stamped the NFTs on OpenSea. The owner can of course view the certificate via the unlockable content and access the link to the NGO's donation platform to view "their" protected land.