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Trees4Eternity is a 21 pop art NFT collection called Tree Hugger Collection. Each NFT has a unique design and is connected to a real, 32 m² (primeval) forest that binds 3,353 t of carbon. As a Tree Hugger NFT owner, you protect real nature, offset your carbon footprint 👣 and help mitigate climate disruption!


With Trees4Eternity I want to help mitigate the climate change and make an important contribution to global climate and nature conservation. In my opinion, this only works by protecting existing (primeval) forests, which I have therefore carefully selected. 🧐 Every square meter of the protected area represents a complex ecosystem with a diverse and partly endemic flora and fauna. The immense amount of 104.79 kg of carbon is bound in every single square meter!

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Phase 1 ✅

  • 21. Sep. 2021: Launch of the Trees4Eternity website and fine-tuning of the NFT project

Phase 2 ✅

  • Design of the 21 graphics for the 21 NFTs
  • Selection of the protection project and protection of 21 land areas by sponsorship.
  • 21. Dec. 2021: The 21 "Seeder" ranked NFTs of the Tree Hugger Collection were minted on OpenSea1
  • Marketing preparations

Phase 3 - in Progress

  • April 2022: Promotion and sales of the Tree Hugger NFT Collection

Phase 4

Is starting after the collection is fully sold:

🌲 The new exclusive Tree Hugger Collection #2 will be minted once the Tree Hugger Collection #1 is fully sold 🌳

  • 21% of the first sale of the collection will be invested in new forest protection!
  • 100% of the first royalty fee (10% of the purchase value) is invested in the protection of new forest!
  • Minting a new Tree Hugger Collection
    New exclusive "Seeder" ranked NFTs will be created and linked to the new protected land areas1

Phase 5 + Phase 6

  • in preparation

The full roadmap incl. first information to Phase 5 and Phase 6 can be found here.


Tree Hugger Collection on OpenSea


How to buy an NFT?

It's quite easy to buy and trade an NFT

How to buy an NFT on OpenSea


From the idea to the protection project!

Infographic protect Trees with Trees4Eternity



See the Tree Hugger Collection on OpenSea

See the Collection on OpenSea