Kilimani School Tanzania

A page is being created for the social art project of the Kilimiani School in USA River Tanzania and the Tolkewitz Gymnasium in Dresden Germany.

The Digital Twin Project

The pictures were created as part of an art project between the German high school Tolkewitz from Dresden and its Tanzanian partner school in Usa River. Students from these contrasting worlds were asked to create images of their living environments. The most successful works were selected by the art teachers for a calendar. Six pages are designed with pictures of the Tanzanian students and 6 pages with pictures of the German students.

But now you can imagine that there are more great pictures than 12 calendar pages. For this reason, the Digital Twin Project was created. All great images by small Tanzanian artists are presented as digital art. At the same time, like selling the calendar, you should help generate support for the school and students. This led to the innovative idea, together with Thomas from Trees4Eternity, of creating a digital twin for each image that would find its home on a blockchain. There it can be viewed, purchased and further traded. 90% of the proceeds generated from the trade benefit the Kilimani School.

To do this, the images were professionally scanned and prepared for what is known as minting on the blockchain. In this process, the digital twin is given appropriate traits (name of the artist, type of motiv, date of creation, etc.) to make it more interesting for collectors and finally “stored” in the blockchain. Once minted on the blockchain, the “digital twin” can no longer be changed. Additional advantages of this method include transparency, proof of ownership and a complete transaction history. 90% of all proceeds from the trade benefit the school. This can also be checked and proven using the blockchain.


👍  and keep checking back as more pictures will follow soon!


Classroom at Kilimani School in Usa River, Tanzania

About Kilimani School

Kilimani School is located near Arusha National Park. Around 1000 children between the ages of 6 and 13 study there. They are taught by 19 teachers. As the state school has few financial resources, we provide support through various donation projects to enable better education. The proceeds from this calendar sale will help to finance the expansion and construction of new classrooms.

The children and teachers thank you for your support!

Thomas is the founder of the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) project Trees4Eternity. Thanks to his wife's commitment, he became part of this great social project. This began during a trip to Tanzania together, where we came into contact with Damien, an employee of the NGO AADJT, which supports the Kilimani School. At her children's school she talked about the Tanzanian school and asked if there was any interest in a partner school project. The director, teachers and students were totally enthusiastic and the idea for the first calendar project was born. That was the point at which Thomas got excited about it.                  
Thomas has already designed and designed two of these school calendars, managed the print production and successfully coordinated delivery to the partners. With his skills in blockchain technology, especially in ReFi projects, he is taking the Kilimani School Project to the next level.